Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
— Rossiter W. Raymond

induced after death communication

"Denise has guided me through a process of recovery that I can only explain as miraculous!" - D.W.

DEFINITION: Induced After Death Communication is an adaptation of EMDR Therapy and a treatment for unresolved grief. This technique pioneered by Allan L. Botkin, Psy.D uses EMDR to induce a state of mind where the client or patient becomes receptive to the phenomenon commonly referred to as After Death Communication.

SUGGESTED FOR: People suffering with complicated grief or the traumatic loss of a loved one.

TREATS: Complicated Grief, Depression, Traumatic Reactions to Loss

This term was coined by Guggenheim and Guggenheim in their book Hello from Heaven and shares common ground with the term NDE or Near Death Experience written about by Raymond Moody, MD in his book Life After Life. According to these authors these phenomena are reported by about twenty percent of the population. They are most typically random and spontaneous events and often involve a vivid and life changing contact with a deceased person with whom they have had some relationship even if only casual. These ADCs are not considered hallucinations. They occur regardless of a person’s religious or spiritual belief.+